Friday, June 24, 2011

Top Spin Backhand

Return of Serve - Common Threads

Forehand Follow Through - Common Threads

How to toss a ball - common threads

Serve - To lag or not to lag

How to return a serve

Footwork Secrets

Footwork secret # 1 -  Split Step

Footwork secret # 2 -  Heel to toe weight transfer

Volley Secrets

Volley Secret # 1 from tennisoxygen,com

Volley Secret # 2 from tennisoxygen,com

The first volley from

Forehand secrets coiling and uncoiling From

About the Follow Through

  1. The deception of the follow-through
  2. Perfecting Your Swing
  3. The follow through misconception
  4. Two most important aspects of tennis
  5. Racket butt pointing to ball twice: 2 useful visual images in forehand
  6. Finish your swing 
  7. Tennis ground strokes follow through