Thursday, November 8, 2012

Solo Practice Diary : 8th Nov 2012

Started warm up with the Prepping like a Pro videos Part I & Part II

Practiced with my customised Biomimetic 100 (customised to be somewhat similar specs like the Wilson BLX ProStaff 90 ) this morning :-
a) Strung Wt=363g
b) Balance=30.96 mm (10.5 pts HL)
c) Swing Wt= 341.1 g/cm2 was previously 327.3
d) 6g lead tape at 10 N 2 (as recommended by Chris Edwards of Tennis Warehouse), was previously 2.2g
e) 6g stuck underneath the butt cap
f) 15g stuff inside the butt trapdoor
g) Solinco overgrip (5g)
h) Dunlop damper (2g)

I had previously had 2.2g @ 10 N 2 but decided to make it 6g to make it play like the Bio 200 as the strung weight of the BIO 200 was 330 as compared to the Bio 200's 336.

Serves, topspin/slices/flat serves pretty crisp using the same alignment to the net post. Concentrated on finding the ball well. Drop smashes also satisfactory and concentrated on OW tip about catching the ball before smashing.

Loaded up the Tennis Cube machine and practiced about 360 balls. FH OK but slices and topspin backhands not so satisfactory :-(

Also drop hit near the service line to simulate short balls and used windshield wiper to get it over but not long.

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