Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Hitting with Vokyl C10Pro 2012

Finally... I managed to hit with this highly recommended stick by Chris Edwards, one of the senior TennisWarehouse Play tester. Read his review here.  BTW, there were also quite a few supporters of Vokyl sticks on the Tennis Malaysia and Malaysia Tennis Lovers facebook groups.

Finally ordered and discovered that the Black Friday Sale of USD75.00 was no longer valid and the price increased to USD 159.99 and guess what, it was further increased to USD169.99 the very next day. Coincidentally, I was at the PSC and read in the May 2012 issue of the Tennis Magazine that the MRSP was actually UD 190.00 !

Received the stock on Monday and noted that the unstrung weight should be 330g and balance at 310mm. I took out my trusty digital weighing machine and was shocked that the unstrung weight was only 317g. Wow, a 13g difference... I had expected a +/- 1g difference as experienced with my Bio 100, 200L, 200 (2) and 300. Posted this at the TW forum

On receiving my Dunlop Black Widow 18g string, I had it strung yesterday and the final specs are :-
Strung Weight : 331g ( as compared to the advertised 346g)
Balance : 9.76pt HL (as compared to the advertised 8pt HL)

See TW forum post from another new owner

Posted a question to Chris Edwards on the TW Forum to seek advice on how to lead up to the advertised specs.

Started as usual with serves. Flat and Slice serves were nice and crisp but had some issues getting my kick serves to bounce higher than shoulder height. Managed to get my kick serve back but had to realy get under the ball :-)

BH volleys was very solid probably due to its high Twistweight of 14.16.

FH came with lots of spin and was able to easily hot with depth ie 1-2ft from baseline.

Backhand topspin was also easy to hot with depth and BH Slices was hit pretty crisp and low.

On the flip-side static overheads were not so crisp.

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